The aim of the survey is to determine the demand for correct 3d models of plant species that are most often used in garden design. Despite the rich database of available plant models that can be used in visualizations, these are models created by graphic designers who do not have botanical knowledge. It happens that models of trees or shrubs do not have the correct habit. Sometimes also the leaf textures are not from the specific species.
The survey is completely anonymous - also IP addresses are not saved.

Select the plant species that you use in your garden designs. If a given species is not on the list, please add another proposal. The field for adding new species is at the bottom of the survey.
Please enter the city where your design studio is currently located.
Please enter the country where you design plants.
Plant list
Add your plants after a decimal if you didn't find them in the list above. The species that you added will be available for selection by other people completing the survey.

Calluna vulgaris, Hakonechloa macra, Malus `Charlotte`, Miscanthus sinensis `Variegatus`