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The survey will help identify the best design practices developed by landscape architects. The main purpose of the survey is to indicate which software is recommended by design companies as part of their activities. Also, what are the pros and cons of the used software. This will allow the market and new employees to adapt to the best standards. The collected survey results will be made available to all participants in the form of a report on Facebook groups devoted to landscape architecture and on our website.

The survey is completely anonymous - also IP addresses are not saved.

Basic information

Do you require specialized licenses or studies to design green areas in your country?
What green areas do you design?
Do you participate in tenders for green area projects?
Do you carry out an inventory of the area and the existing greenery yourself?
Do you use specialized software during the inventory of greenery?
If YES - What software do you use to greenery inventory?
Do you use a previously prepared questionnaire when working with the client to determine the general nature of the garden or green area?
Do you define the budget limit of the garden in the survey?
Is the first concept drawn by hand or directly in a computer program?
When designing greenery, do you follow the analysis of the availability of plants in plant nurseries?
Do you do soil analysis prior to design?

CAD software

Do you use CAD software for your design?
If YES - What software do you use for designing?
Do you use dedicated software addons for greenery design?
How do you work with PDF files?
How are designed trees and shrubs drawn in the CAD program?
How are the designed perennials and ground cover plants drawn in the CAD program?
How are the designed plants on the project marked?




Do you make visualizations yourself or do you outsource it to an external company?
If you make visualizations yourself, in what software?
What software do you use to process graphics in the project?

Industry projects

Do you do an irrigation project?
Do you make a lighting project?
Do you make technical projects of small architecture like. gazebos, benches, playgrounds?
Do you make a surface design?
Do you indicate the use of specific materials of the designed surfaces - e.g. paving stones with the indication of the manufacturer?
Do you provide the layout of layers and a list of materials for terraces, paths?
Do you provide the need for soil delivery / removal with the balance of m3?
Do you make cost estimates for the green area based on the project?


Do you participate in the author's supervision of the project?